One of the most sublime pleasures and undisputed things in the world, chocolate makes every sense in action.

Absolutely unique, this wonderful pleasure completely flooded us to savor this delicacy, made ​​the ancients attributed aphrodisiac and stimulating properties, which currently is supported by scientific evidence.Foodsnacks has countless different chocolates for you and your business.


file_17_4Chips and Jerky

We have for you a variety of flavored potato chips, pretzels, pork rinds, popcorn, beef jerky, salsas and cheese dips. Providing you with different brands and  prices.




Our Beverages

Largest selection of beverages available for ordering from coffee and bottled water to milk and soft drinks, many flavors of tea and juices, the beverages that you are looking for are available, also we carry a wide variety of beverages on different brands.


Variety of Bars

In the functional food market, functional bars are part of segments which have experienced a boom. Combine the continued trend towards health and wellness with comfort and joy.For this reason we offer to our customers a wide range of food bars either protein, energy and nutrition or just candies of different flavors and brands



Friendly Service!

Foodsnacks is here to help you and make your shopping experience easy and completely satisfying. We promise do our best and get your deliver on time and without any inconvenience.



merchandiseYou Can Pick Up!

Our warehouse is open from 6:00 am to 6:pm for your convenience, You buy items directly, you can buy online or place your order by phone  and pick them up in the warehouse. You avoid shipping and scheduled delivery charges plus you may be able to get your order faster.

We Can Deliver

With over 10 years distributing food and many other products,  We have facilities for the storage and dispatch of products for wholesale and retail. Wide dispatch infrastructure that consists of more than 10 own trucks, with the  in order to fullfill some special shipping. Access easiness for any truck type from and toward any part of the area.

Our Specials

We have specials for you every week, visit our Products section  for more info.